Saturday, January 31, 2015

Stupidity should....

Forrest Gump said "Stupid is as stupid does", well right you are Forrest!
In honor of Forrest and his amazing insight into all things stupid, we address this topic.
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I know, you're thinking "there's only TEN" things that stupid IS?
No, not really but I'm only going to comment on 10 TODAY!

  1. ...have a vaccine against it
  2. ...come with a warning label
  3. ...understand it's stupid & realize it before we have to mention it
  4. ...never be underestimated
  5. ...smack itself in the face
  6. ...have a blue flashing light, like K-Mart, attached to itself to warn us it's coming
  7. ...get itself drunk so it MAY be funny and NOT as stupid
  8. ...friend itself on Facebook just to see how STUPID it really IS!
  9. ...have to sit and listen to itself for a hot second
  10. ...admit it's stupid, find itself a 12 step group and realize it really is the worlds deadliest disease because I could totally KILL STUPID!

PS - YES I am OBSESSED with MEMES these days, even making my OWN.
and, YES, I'll be doing a blog on Memes & my obsession with them!

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