Friday, January 30, 2015

Labels of "Celebrity", "Successful", Super Model" etc.

The use of such labels of "legend", "famous", "celebrity", "successful", "super model" et. al,

  1. LEGEND:  Seriously? Someone like Chris Brown or whomever is a LEGEND? Not really. Not yet anyway. The title of LEGEND should be reserved for those such as JAMES Brown NOT Chris Brown; Bette Midler not Ariana Grande; Meryl Streep NOT Lupita Nyongo; AnnMargret* NOT Anne Hathaway; Aerosmith NOT  Maroon 5, and so on. The list of comparisons could go on and on forever, but you get my point. Save the word "LEGEND" for those who have EARNED IT! There are millions of "one hit wonders" out there who have not worked hard enough or gained the status of LEGEND in any way, shape or form.
  2. FAMOUS: Real Housewives of anywhere are fame WHORES - not famOUS!  What people consider "famous" or worthy of some kind of honor such as speaking at a school or university graduation, some kind of award or recognition is seriously warped. (Don't get me STARTED on the honorary doctorates celebrity receive for nothing, I'll address THAT in another blog post.)
  3. CELEBRITY: you are not "Instagram Famous" if you are only "famous" in your circles or the follow numbers game that exists on a particular app. You merely don't have much of a life (or BUY your followers, etc.) You shouldn't be the one to call yourself much of a celebrity or famous either. USUALLY (not always) that title comes from OTHERS or your very long list of a resume, curriculum vitae or other documented successes you have that make you a celebrity for publicly acknowledge work or successes.
  4. SUCCESSFUL: basically the same type of category as #2 & #3. Success is something that is also earned. Successes can include many things & not all of it has to do with the public eye., in fact many successful people with successful lives are NOT in the public eye; people who have worked hard to raise their children well are also successful.
  5. "SUPER MODEL": selfies don't count as modeling girls! One "gig" doesn't make you a professional much less a "Super Model".  Neither does posting selfies all over the internet - that is NOT modeling, girls. (I am apprehensive to use the word "ladies" here as there are many posts that a lady would never think about posting.)
  6.  "New York Times Best Selling Author" : specifically when it comes to the "Real Housewives of Anywhere" - Teresa Guidice I'm talking to YOU (& those like you). You are not now nor will you EVER BE Julia Child or any other famous cook who has published cook books. Someone needs to STOP telling these people that they are, it's embarrassing to the real writers of the world.  BTW Teresa: you've changed the pronunciation of your name many times to suit how Italian you want to be. Is it "Jewdice", "Jewdichay", "Jewdeechay" or WHAT? You come off like the idiot you are. Just sayin'.)
  7. CHART TOPPING: Topping the iTunes charts: really? You are a contestant on a reality competition singing show & you now top Beyoncé or some other amazing singer who did it the old fashioned way? Another example of the "giving out a trophy for farting in public" - another topic that will probably cover an entire installment of LATJ.
  8.  "WORLD CLASS" ATHLETE:  Your local road race, a high school track meet, a local bowling league does NOT qualify. No, sorry, not even if it appears on local TV.
  9. "PUBLIC FIGURE"  having a Facebook Page saying you are doesn't make it so & unless you have a history of BEING one, you really aren't.
  10. STANDING OVATIONS:  PLEASE reserve the standing ovations for those who have done something magnificent: hit that high note, performed a jete' 6' high, played the SHIT out of that musical solo, and so forth. STOP giving standing ovations for farting wind in public or just because some 2nd class "celebrity" put their foot on the dance floor or someone you've gone to see at a concert, walks out on stage. You've paid good money for those tickets make them EARN not only their money, but the standing ovation!

*Spelling of AnnMargret versus Ann-Margaret, AnnMargaret, Ann Margaret etc., I KNOW the woman and I also misspelled it before she straightened me out on it: there's no extra "a" in Margret and there's no hyphen and PLEASE don't ever call her ANN!!

Sort of "famous".... just sayin'

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  1. Yes! I think words such as notorious, conspicuous and sometimes just unusual should be used for a lot of these people 😃

    1. I think you're being VERY kind using those words girl!! LOL