Friday, January 16, 2015

Ten thoughts for Today

Random things that have entered my mind today whilst preparing my first post!

The idea for this blog was given to me by my friend Cathy Brown an amazing writer who gave me the title!

  1. You have baby wipes for your sensitive ass out in the bathroom & were planning on cleaning with bleach wipes & you accidentally switch the 2 - dumbass
  2. You scream at the stupid asses on TV because in private you DO think you're better than them
  3. You wonder how the HELL the person in front of you got their license in the first place considering they have NO idea what that little stick to the left of the steering wheel is used for
  4. You actually DO think the bad drivers on the road can hear you curse them out
  5.  You secretly pretend you're lost looking at street names (that you know like the back of your hand) when YOU don't use your blinker or drive like an ass
  6. You give that silent "did you just see that" look to the other person in Walmart who you KNOW did!
  7.  You secretly sing Abba in the shower
  8.  You wanna smack some sense into Justin Bieber (come on we ALL do)
  9.  You have pretended to see a space ship in the sky while your dog takes a dump 5 feet away from you because you forgot your bags (I never have but I've caught plenty of people who DO) solution: always carry bags & offer them one kindly. If they take it great, if not, curse their nasty ass out, I do.
  10. You fart in public & if you can't blame your dog you blame the person in line in front of or behind you

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