Monday, January 26, 2015

20 Little-Known Facts About Me

TWENTY little known facts about me...
Me at age 4 (1966)

  1. I was born and raised on an old asparagus farm that my grandfather and father built & the concrete for the Brooklyn Bridge was made and transported on an old train track behind my house. It was the largest asparagus farm on the east coast! If you ate asparagus up until about 1959, you got it from our farm.
  2. Started ballet at age 4 & remember my black leotard, pink tights & little pink ballet shoes like it was yesterday. I started tap not too long after that & still remember the first steps I was taught & can picture it like it was yesterday. Classes were at Tillson Elementary school at that time & it was great!
  3. Began taking Judo when I was 10, got my black belt and won the Gold Medal in the Jr. Nationals & Bronze medal in the Jr. Olympics, with girls much older than me. 
  4. Did the same with swimming...but got a gold, silver & bronze in the Jr. Olympics: my specialty was the butterfly stroke!
  5. Started Schuplattling  (think Oktoberfest) at age 8, was fluent in German most of my life and can still read it. I even read the Book of Mormon (when I was LDS) in German
  6. Was the tallest girl next to Linda Mandic (heck tallest anyone) in Elementary School.
  7.  Ride a 700 lb motorcycle back brace and all
  8.  I LOVE to cook! I make my own pasta & gravy from scratch and I can even make SUSHI
  9.  he first role I ever played was as a snowflake as a kindergartener in the school winter program with all my little girlfriends
  10.  I lost my hearing due to severe ear infections starting as a child and bottoming out in my 20's. I consider sign equivalent to English as my first language.
  11.  I was a professor at NYU of ASL for a few years in NYC.
  12.  I have 2 PhD's considering my high school teachers & guidance counselor said i was 'stupid' I think I'd kind of wanna ask THEIR IQ at this point! (all after a G E D!)
  13.  I still hold the record for the highest score on the NYS GED test...a 99. Then again, I took it the DAY after the last day of school... so not that much of an accomplishment compared to those like my aunt, who hadn't been in school in about 15 years or more.
  14. Started my BA 2 months shy of turning 30 (January 1992) & finished in one year - 4 quarters!
  15. I attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC.
  16. I've traveled A LOT- RV x the US 4 x (including all of Canada), Rio, Mexico, all over - usually by myself. One summer I travelled 9 THOUSAND miles in 3 months, hitting every state in the lower 48 and every province of Canada, in a 1972 Pace Arrow.
  17. My dream was to be on Broadway
  18. Have experienced some very interesting things I'd never want to experience again but they were fun then....
  19.  I'm ambidextrous
  20.  I have played the following instruments: Guitar, clarinet, French horn, trombone, trumpet, violin, 2 level organ & a few more I have an electric piano but have never taken lessons and can't play it because only with piano am I terribly uncoordinated with my left hand.

Grandma Delora sitting on my motorcycle
 Me Schupplattling sometime in the 2000's
 An article about a play I was in locally when I was about 18-19

Tillson Elementary School - my old alma mater - I LOVED this place


  1. Such a fascinating person, and life!

  2. Thanks my friend!! I really have! When I run out of subjects to cover 10 of I'm just gonna blow through another bunch of fun facts on my crazy almost 53 years!! I love you so much for all your support! xoxo

  3. You rock! Regarding #20 - why aren't you still playing? Your talent is off the charts!! :-)

  4. Lane I was never "great" at any of them, sort of the Jill of all trades, master of none sort of thing. BUT I did get that new pink guitar for Christmas. Had it tuned up & picking it up today so I'll be trimming the old nails & getting to it. I did play trumpet when I played Mazzeppa in "Gypsy" however, that was kind of neat.

    I think I would have been an ADHD kid if they'd had that when I was younger... I could pick up and learn anything (instruments/dancing etc.) & would get pretty good at it, but with instruments I liked learning them and the next year in school, I'd lose interest & want to try another one. Not quite sure if that IS an ADHD sort of thing, but I liked learning something & moving on. I can still read music & for a couple of them I could probably pick them up again for fun if I wanted to. My favorite was clarinet.

    And no I don't rock, YOU ROCK, you ACTUALLY ROCK. You are a professional musician & singer and should be making albums my friend! Because YOU are the real deal!! xoxoxo