Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Facebook Diaries Continued

The Facebook Diaries continued:

As we all know, I couldn't stop at one post with my view on
Facebook & I'm quite certain it won't stop at this 2nd one as
there are just TOO many things to rag on about Facebook!
So here's another take on it from my perspective.
I'm sure MANY of my readers feel the same way
about many of them!!

  1. When the Birthdays pop up & you have to go to that persons page & figure out how the hell you know them
  2. When you see the "ticker" & wonder how the HELL someone you know also knows someone ELSE you know from completely different worlds! Ya know?
  3. Ever wonder why the hell you're "friends" with someone on an app that you would NEVER be friends with in real life? 
  4. Parents posting embarrassing photos of your kids/grandkids that'll put them I'm therapy for years
  5. Nobody needs to see updates on your kid's toilet training that's almost grounds for child abuse don't know but really is, but it's definitely FB friend abuse!
  6. Being FB friends with your older mother/grandmother & posting the level of crazy  and dirty thoughts has to be a law somewhere about that
  7. This post makes me CRAZY: "Ok, so let me see how this turns out: It occurs to me that for each and every one of you on my friends list, I catch myself looking at your pictures, sharing jokes and news, as well as support during good and bad times. I am also happy to have you among my friends. We will see who will take the time to read this message until the end. I'm going to be watching to see who takes care of the friendship, just like me. So if you are reading this, then thank you for being a part of my life. So leave ONE WORD on how we met. DON'T SHARE. Once you respond, I will inbox you this copy, then paste on your wall so I can leave one word for you." Let's get this straight: I will NEVER post this nor will I leave a damn word for you! If YOU don't know how we met, we have a problem and this is just a fucking chain letter from the old days! One of the STUPIDEST posts I've EVER seen & I just wanna un-friend people who fucking post it! GET A DAMN LIFE
  8. Game 'requests" & "pokes" - AYFKM with this shit!?!?!  I have to post at least a few times a year telling people to not do this or get unfriended. When I get the annoyed by these fucking notifications of these damn requests - I go STRAIGHT to your damn page and delete you from my friends list! Again - get a damn LIFE! 
  9. That little map thingy below your name telling everyone in the damn WORLD where you're posting from. #1 it shows how much of a life you HAVE and #2 why on EARTH do you WANT people to know where you're posting from? I find it rather comical when I see that (my settings are OFF for this locator) because when you tell someone you are "out of town" & can't get together your locator is telling me & everyone else, you're a fucking LIAR.
  10. Messages: when you tell someone you didn't get the message but there's a check mark next to the message in the bar on the left saying you not only GOT it but WHEN you read it! Don't be a liar hehe

Facebook is like a Troll Train....

 If you...
 they may go away... but don't count on it!
 Because THIS is what you'll really be thinking!

Have a FANTASTIC DAY! And please leave a comment so I know how you're enjoying the blog... and add me to your circles & I'll add you to mine. Sounds like we're spreading a communicable disease but if friendship & fun is a communicable disease - I'll take it any time!


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Reality Shows: A Personal Perspective

Ten "Reality" Shows & my unabashed perspective on them.
Mind you, a few of them are my guilty pleasures but I talk to the
TV so much during them that I need my own TV show of me
watching them and my comments during them.
Call it something like Jennifer's Couch

1.  Dance Moms (LIFETIME)If you choose to stay at a studio where the director abuses your kids on a regular basis just because you'll get TV time you as a parent, are just as abusive to your child. The behavior you exhibit on the show to the other parents is DEPLORABLE & YOU are setting the example for your girls to become bitchy, snappy, snarky, hit-below-the-belt WOMEN! Shame on you! That bitch Abby has LOST HER DAMN MIND and YOU are letting her "parent" your children as you kowtow to her every fucking insane outrageous breakdown!!! Parent your own damn children because in the real life dance world half of your kids will be stripping in Vegas NOT on Broadway! Get serious!

2.  Kate plus 8 (TLC): Touting yourself as a "single mom" is an EMBARASSMENT to real single moms in the world. All you're doing is setting an example for YOUR kids that actual work is not ever going to cut it. Rather you're saying "whore yourself out on TV to make your living". I can see it now: "2035 Kate Plus 8: 20 Years Later". You're basically Octomom with more money!

3.  Donnie loves Jenny : Let's just see how LONG it takes for this couple to go the way of EVERY OTHER COUPLE on Reality TV: Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey, Jon & Kate Gosslin & numerous others. Las Vegas should get some bets going!

4.  19 Kids & Counting (TLC): My God, PLEASE stop counting!!!! Can you imagine this woman's uterus? It's got to be hanging on the ground no WONDER she wears those long skirts, she probably carries it under her skirt in a damn basket!

5.  Sister Wives (+The Learning Channel): a show where a dude has 4 "wives" and a bazillion children but is only legally married to one (especially since Polygamy was outlawed in the 1800's.) NOW the entertainment news says he's divorcing the real wife (the 1st) and going to legally marry the last one. My first question is: why not marry the 2nd or 3rd one who also have underage children - LOTS of them? Hmmm does anyone ELSE think the other wives and their kids are getting public assistance since they're not married?  They SAY they have an online jewelry business (which is failing - let's get serious it's jewelry for  polygamists - is there REALLY a big market for that?), 2 of them (I think only 2) just recently got their real estate licenses in Las Vegas & one quit her job to be a full time stay at home mom.  God KNOWS what the husband does for a job, I mean how can he really work a real job with 4 wives to keep up with much less all those children and college to pay for and such?

What cracks me up about this whole thing is that Polygamy is illegal therefore he ISN'T really married to the 3 women and has kids with them which means those kids were conceived out of wedlock & they weren't married when they had sex to HAVE those kids. However the Mormon religion (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) which they supposedly practice according to the original scriptures when polygamy was part of the church and legal, doesn't in ANY WAY support having sex without marriage or having children out of wedlock. 

6.  Amish Mafia (TLC):  This shit is crazy! Are they really Amish? Does this really go on? What a douchebag bunch of people whether they're "real" or not - they are making a REALLY bad name for the Amish in America!

7.  Real Housewives of Atlanta (BRAVO): +Bravo Let's talk about that asswipe Kenya Moore and her "Twirl" "Gone With the Wind Fabulous" I'd like to know on WHAT planet a black woman would make any reference to herself and Gone With the Wind? Weren't all the black people in it SLAVES? Just sayin'

8. The Bachelor/Bachelorette (ABC): Let's see...you are one of 24 or something girls who go on TV to find a husband and then are upset when he's kissing other girls! Of COURSE that makes PERFECT sense to me.  In other parts of the world that would be called a whore.

9. Teen Mom (MTV): glorifying teen pregnancy without marriage where most of these girls are on public assistance for having irresponsible sex and one even gets a PORN CAREER - yep perfect television for kids! (Does ANYONE remember when MTV was actually about MUSIC?)

10. Master Chef Junior (FOX): the one I can say GREAT things about - all I have to say is that I ADORE this show!




Sunday, February 8, 2015

MEMES and My Love For Them

I've only recently fallen in love with MEMES!
So much so that I figured out how to make my OWN! 
So far I've made ones starring my little dog Shadow
(missshadow pup on IG and Miss Shadow Pup on FB)
there are the ones that I've made featuring photos of ME
in character from a couple of my old 80's cult films.
ENJOY and please feel free to use & share!

#1-9 features my baby Miss Shadow Pup
#9-13 From a little ole movie I did called "Deadly Manor"
(aka Savage Lust) in which I starred as Amanda.
#14-18 My very FIRST movie "Bad Girls Dormitory"
#19 features my cousin's little dog Oscar. I got the idea for this one
from something she posted on Facebook - my cousin is a genius

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I Lived in a Haunted House Growing Up in Tillson

The Delora Farm, Tillson Estates
At the request of my friend James Carey, who grew up in the same town as I did (much later than I did) requested I talk about the haunted house I grew up in. He's heard the stories as well. James, thanks for the suggestion & I hope you and everyone else, enjoy it!!
  1. I lived in a 300 year old farm house growing up that was haunted : these stories have passed around other folks in the Tillson area for years and they're all true. 
  2. Our great Dane dug up a bunch of old graves from our back yard once & we assume the people who were still "living" in the house, were members of that family.
  3. My father and grandmother talked about the ghosts happenings in the same house because Daddy was born in that house as well & they had the same experiences we continued to have when I lived there.
  4. One time Sue, a fellow cheerleader, came and stayed overnight. We slept on the couches in the living room and at one point the cellar door opened & you could hear the door close again & footsteps coming through the living room and up the stairs.  Sue said "what was that?" me: "the ghosts" Sue "GHOSTS?" me: "yes it's not a big deal they're around all the time he's probably going upstairs to check on the kids" etc., Well in a heartbeat she was up, off the couch and in her car peeling OUT of the driveway going back home to never come sleep over again. 
  5. I had that happen a lot. I had a sleepover for my 12th birthday and while I grew up with the 3 girls who slept over, they weren't prepared for the ghosts and I never had any friends I grew up with sleep over again after that - nobody would do it! 
  6. The ghost children used to play in the house as well. When I'd be on my bed playing, the end of the bed would go down as if someone was sitting on it & I'd share my dolls.
  7. Often I'd come home from school (the door was closed and we didn't have a cat that was allowed in my room) and my neatly made bed would be just a little messed up and dolls I'd put away or who were neatly put on the bed, had clearly been played with. No biggie, I'd just put them back.
  8. When my mother would be in bed reading, one of the children would move the raggedy Ann and Andy that were given to me when I was born, that sat on an antique rocking chair, and rock with the dolls on their "lap". Mom would just look and smile and go back to her reading.
  9. We all talked about having heard the children singing at one point or another
  10. I wasn't then nor am I now afraid of ghosts. Big difference between ghosts and poltergeists & I think if I gave the latter their space I'd be all good. I'd LOVE to do a haunted house weekend or overnight. I think it would be a lot of fun!


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