Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I Lived in a Haunted House Growing Up in Tillson

The Delora Farm, Tillson Estates
At the request of my friend James Carey, who grew up in the same town as I did (much later than I did) requested I talk about the haunted house I grew up in. He's heard the stories as well. James, thanks for the suggestion & I hope you and everyone else, enjoy it!!
  1. I lived in a 300 year old farm house growing up that was haunted : these stories have passed around other folks in the Tillson area for years and they're all true. 
  2. Our great Dane dug up a bunch of old graves from our back yard once & we assume the people who were still "living" in the house, were members of that family.
  3. My father and grandmother talked about the ghosts happenings in the same house because Daddy was born in that house as well & they had the same experiences we continued to have when I lived there.
  4. One time Sue, a fellow cheerleader, came and stayed overnight. We slept on the couches in the living room and at one point the cellar door opened & you could hear the door close again & footsteps coming through the living room and up the stairs.  Sue said "what was that?" me: "the ghosts" Sue "GHOSTS?" me: "yes it's not a big deal they're around all the time he's probably going upstairs to check on the kids" etc., Well in a heartbeat she was up, off the couch and in her car peeling OUT of the driveway going back home to never come sleep over again. 
  5. I had that happen a lot. I had a sleepover for my 12th birthday and while I grew up with the 3 girls who slept over, they weren't prepared for the ghosts and I never had any friends I grew up with sleep over again after that - nobody would do it! 
  6. The ghost children used to play in the house as well. When I'd be on my bed playing, the end of the bed would go down as if someone was sitting on it & I'd share my dolls.
  7. Often I'd come home from school (the door was closed and we didn't have a cat that was allowed in my room) and my neatly made bed would be just a little messed up and dolls I'd put away or who were neatly put on the bed, had clearly been played with. No biggie, I'd just put them back.
  8. When my mother would be in bed reading, one of the children would move the raggedy Ann and Andy that were given to me when I was born, that sat on an antique rocking chair, and rock with the dolls on their "lap". Mom would just look and smile and go back to her reading.
  9. We all talked about having heard the children singing at one point or another
  10. I wasn't then nor am I now afraid of ghosts. Big difference between ghosts and poltergeists & I think if I gave the latter their space I'd be all good. I'd LOVE to do a haunted house weekend or overnight. I think it would be a lot of fun!


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  1. Is the house still standing? And in your family? Having paranormal investigation would be awesome!

    1. House is definitely still parents sold it back in about 1985 or so to a family that just ruined it. They took out the in ground pool, took down the beautiful tree line, let the old barns just crumble to the ground & took out the beams in the ceiling, covered the old floors, took down walls, just destroyed it. I'm sure the ghosts that lived there with us have probably gone away because of the new family there. I wish we could do that there, I just think that the poor "family" that lived & died there left sadly because the family that's in there now, literally just kept the shell of the house & ruined the inside as well as the property around it. Very sad indeed. But it was the coolest old house & I have the most amazing memories of living there and growing up in it as well as on that farm!