Sunday, February 15, 2015

Reality Shows: A Personal Perspective

Ten "Reality" Shows & my unabashed perspective on them.
Mind you, a few of them are my guilty pleasures but I talk to the
TV so much during them that I need my own TV show of me
watching them and my comments during them.
Call it something like Jennifer's Couch

1.  Dance Moms (LIFETIME)If you choose to stay at a studio where the director abuses your kids on a regular basis just because you'll get TV time you as a parent, are just as abusive to your child. The behavior you exhibit on the show to the other parents is DEPLORABLE & YOU are setting the example for your girls to become bitchy, snappy, snarky, hit-below-the-belt WOMEN! Shame on you! That bitch Abby has LOST HER DAMN MIND and YOU are letting her "parent" your children as you kowtow to her every fucking insane outrageous breakdown!!! Parent your own damn children because in the real life dance world half of your kids will be stripping in Vegas NOT on Broadway! Get serious!

2.  Kate plus 8 (TLC): Touting yourself as a "single mom" is an EMBARASSMENT to real single moms in the world. All you're doing is setting an example for YOUR kids that actual work is not ever going to cut it. Rather you're saying "whore yourself out on TV to make your living". I can see it now: "2035 Kate Plus 8: 20 Years Later". You're basically Octomom with more money!

3.  Donnie loves Jenny : Let's just see how LONG it takes for this couple to go the way of EVERY OTHER COUPLE on Reality TV: Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey, Jon & Kate Gosslin & numerous others. Las Vegas should get some bets going!

4.  19 Kids & Counting (TLC): My God, PLEASE stop counting!!!! Can you imagine this woman's uterus? It's got to be hanging on the ground no WONDER she wears those long skirts, she probably carries it under her skirt in a damn basket!

5.  Sister Wives (+The Learning Channel): a show where a dude has 4 "wives" and a bazillion children but is only legally married to one (especially since Polygamy was outlawed in the 1800's.) NOW the entertainment news says he's divorcing the real wife (the 1st) and going to legally marry the last one. My first question is: why not marry the 2nd or 3rd one who also have underage children - LOTS of them? Hmmm does anyone ELSE think the other wives and their kids are getting public assistance since they're not married?  They SAY they have an online jewelry business (which is failing - let's get serious it's jewelry for  polygamists - is there REALLY a big market for that?), 2 of them (I think only 2) just recently got their real estate licenses in Las Vegas & one quit her job to be a full time stay at home mom.  God KNOWS what the husband does for a job, I mean how can he really work a real job with 4 wives to keep up with much less all those children and college to pay for and such?

What cracks me up about this whole thing is that Polygamy is illegal therefore he ISN'T really married to the 3 women and has kids with them which means those kids were conceived out of wedlock & they weren't married when they had sex to HAVE those kids. However the Mormon religion (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) which they supposedly practice according to the original scriptures when polygamy was part of the church and legal, doesn't in ANY WAY support having sex without marriage or having children out of wedlock. 

6.  Amish Mafia (TLC):  This shit is crazy! Are they really Amish? Does this really go on? What a douchebag bunch of people whether they're "real" or not - they are making a REALLY bad name for the Amish in America!

7.  Real Housewives of Atlanta (BRAVO): +Bravo Let's talk about that asswipe Kenya Moore and her "Twirl" "Gone With the Wind Fabulous" I'd like to know on WHAT planet a black woman would make any reference to herself and Gone With the Wind? Weren't all the black people in it SLAVES? Just sayin'

8. The Bachelor/Bachelorette (ABC): Let's are one of 24 or something girls who go on TV to find a husband and then are upset when he's kissing other girls! Of COURSE that makes PERFECT sense to me.  In other parts of the world that would be called a whore.

9. Teen Mom (MTV): glorifying teen pregnancy without marriage where most of these girls are on public assistance for having irresponsible sex and one even gets a PORN CAREER - yep perfect television for kids! (Does ANYONE remember when MTV was actually about MUSIC?)

10. Master Chef Junior (FOX): the one I can say GREAT things about - all I have to say is that I ADORE this show!




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