Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"News" of the Week

My views on the news:

  1. That dress. Who gives a rat's ass if it's blue & black or white & gold - it is a massively FUGLY dress and I cannot BELIEVE it took up so much of the news
  2.  Kim Kardashian goes blonde : I don't care if she goes BALD - PLEASE stop reporting on this mega slut - it is just ridiculous already!
  3.  That nasty woman from England "fat shaming" Kelly Clarkson. First, I don't even like the word "fat shaming" maybe use "body shaming" because using the term infers she IS fat. Second, I'm gonna full blast this bitch right back & bully HER NOW: You are a fugly, bird face bitch, who needs to get herself in check because it's not just your attitude that's ugly - Kelly can lose weight (if she wants to) but you will NEVER lose the ugly inside you. You are a nasty, nasty woman & should be ashamed of yourself. What the FUCK are you teaching your daughters? Nothing but that it's ok to bully other people!
  4.  The song "Blurred Lines" lawsuit: I don't notice the similarity. +Pharrell Williams  & +Robin Thicke may have been "inspired" by Marvin Gaye's song - but if that IS the case then who's going to sue whom with @KatyPerry "Roar" & the song "Brave" because I have both of them on CD's I play in my car & can't tell which one is which when the intro plays... come on people - everyone is "influenced" by someone else - this lawsuit is nonsense in my opinion. I'm really sorry you guys lost I think you got ripped off in the lawsuit!
  5. Julianna Rancic & her comments about Zendaya Coleman's dreads do at the Oscars. Well, my first question is: what was Zendaya doing at the Oscars in the first place? Then to Julianna Rancid: who the FUCK do you think you are? You are NOT nor will you EVER BE Joan Rivers. You need to eat a fucking grape for god's sake and you have straight, stringy hair that I FIND to be ugly looking. This girl had some weave, hair piece, whatever it is - she was expressing herself! She's a darling, talented girl - a GIRL, not a woman your age. Pick on someone your OWN size & age NOT a young GIRL. Saying that you thought she smelled like "patchouli & weed"???? WTF that is NASTY & makes the assumption that everyone with dreads don't bathe & are pot heads. You stepped in dangerous territory & you should be MORE than ashamed of yourself you should be FIRED. I've seen other people make nasty racist remarks like that about people and they DO get fired. So why does the head of Sony get fired for HER racist emails and YOU get to sit in judgment of everyone on "Fashion Police" you are NOT a style "icon" by any means, ALL you DO is sit in judgment of other people and I'll say it one more time in case you didn't quite get it: Pick on someone your own damn size and you should EXCUSE yourself from FP or E! Should FIRE your nasty, judgmental, skinny, no class ASS!
  6. "Plus Size" model in +Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Let's get something straight - the lovely girl that made headlines was in an AD in +Sports Illustrated NOT in the actual shoot. Calling this girl "plus sized" is shameful in every way imaginable! Again with a sort of "fat shaming" making a huge deal out of her AMAZING body by calling to the forefront that she is "plus size".
  7. The Oklahoma fraternity scandal: I LOVE how anyone else on the planet can apologize for that kind of behavior & Whoopi Goldberg on +The View & it's all good cuz they apologized but these guys apologize for their moronic, racist & idiotic behavior and it's not good enough for her. Shut the fuck up and sit DOWN Whoop I am SO tired of your damn "it's only racism if I see it as racism and apologies are only accepted when I SAY it's ok". BTW I am offended when you use the term "you white people" blah blah blah so it goes both ways - when am I gonna get MY apology from YOU?
  8. DEAR GOD with the @HillaryClinton email scandal. Oh COME ON can we NOT judge her on whether or not she used more than one damn device for her emails but that she may become president and that is completely IRRELEVANT!?!?! Can we focus on something more important like perhaps how well could she run our country? Just sayin
  9.  Well, watching +The View again & Whoopi is at it again - no surprise here. Talking about the Ghostbusters movies. "Where are the black ghostbusters" blah blah blah - really? Cuz you don't remember the original cast or that there is a black woman in the new all woman one coming up? Let me as YOU a question Miss Whoopi Know it All - where are the fucking DEAF OR DISABLED "Ghostbusters"? REALLY? SO fucking tired of the blah blah blah include blacks, Latinas etc., where on TV or film did you see your last ACTUAL disabled or deaf person played by an ACTUAL deaf or disabled actor? EXACTLY so check yourself before you wreck yourself!
  10. I'm so fucking exhausted from all this bullshit ya all only get NINE today!