Friday, January 23, 2015

Sugar Babies versus Girlfriends/Wives

On yesterday's episode of Dr. Phil,
he had a girl on the show who was a "sugar baby" -
Dr. Phil: "I never thought of dating as a monetary transaction"
Really? So let's discuss this Dr. Phil!

  1. Really ? Because a girlfriend/wife gets
  2. If you're having dinner with a guy and he buys; he's paying for your company by paying for that meal. 
  3. If a guy buys a gal a gift for going as his date to the office party; he's paying for your company
  4. If he buys the drink/coffee on a date; he's paying for your time.
  5. When a husband buys a car for his wife; he's paying monthly for an extended period of your companionship
  6. If a date buys the girl flowers for the date; he's paying for your company (if he didn't steal the flowers)
  7. If a guy buys a girl an engagement ring; he's buying your company for the future or investing on your future with him
  8. If a guy bought his girl something nice and she thanks him with sex; an exchange of goods and services has occurred.
  9. A stay at home mom/wife exchanges services for goods; living expenses, cars, food, etc.
  10. So there are in fact monetary/in-kind exchanges for 'goods & services' in relationships - take THAT Dr. Phil!



  1. But, but........that's so anti feminist Jenn! Lol.

  2. Who ME??? Have an un-feminist opinion??? NEVAH!