Friday, January 16, 2015

The Introduction to all the crazy in my mind

"Life According to Jenn" will be a topical comment blog on whatever floats my boat, thoughts on the day, thoughts on the news or generally anything I can think of!

All in the name of good fun, this blog will be my opinion and only my opinion.

I am all of the following:
*  successful ex-B Queen, low-budget movie star
*  double PhD
*  licensed Reverend (yep it's Rev. Dr. Dr. Jennifer Delora) go on with my
    bad self
*  single, technically never married, no children
    (OK if you read my IMDB page, it says I've been married & divorced.
    I have, once, for a hot second to a guy who was gay & needed a green card.
    When I found out about him screwing me out of the business end of the
    relationship (never consummated) I divorced his ass, reported him to INS
    & sent his sorry ass back where he came from!
*  On the children note: I sort of adopted a daughter Alyx Mitchell (& with her
    came a son in law  Paul O'Donnell & my own personal pink haired Troll -
    Halley Jean) my kids own & run the Inksane Tattoo Studio parlor in Lake Katrine NY
    (near Kingston NY) and Halley is a very talented apprentice there) so THEY
    are my children. I love them more & more every day & next to Miss Shadow
    Pup, they are the best part of my life!  (My daughter Alyx also has a Blog she's working on. Please visit it if you're into tattoos or are interested in the workings of the artist behind the machine!  Inksanity by Alyx Mitchell
*  getting shorter every day
*  hearing impaired, late deafened, not born that way as GaGa says
*  proud mommy of @missshadowpup on IG/FB my itsy bitsy service dog who
   has more of a wardrobe than me

There's so much more that makes up the crazy that is ME and my life, many stories and things to share. But for now I'm going to address subjects & my opinions on them whether you like it or not! Working on an autobiography at the moment & that will be a different blog on it's progress & stories!

Welcome to The World According to Jenn

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Here's a couple teasers on who I used to be...just for shits & giggles!

my new tattoo
We call her "JENNENHOOKER"



  1. Love that your doing this. Keep it sassy my friend! Stephanie

    1. I will I will my dear! You know me - ever the sassy bitch!! xoxo