Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I'm a smoking, fur wearing BITCH - go ahead, make my day!


  1. You live in NYC (or L.A.) the capital of dirt, smog, poisonous car/bus fumes but you're bitching about my smoke as I stand by a building, in a park, or walking down the street. Yes I can see how I'M solely responsible or polluting your lungs
  2. Unless you're wearing hemp from head to toe, bamboo shoes & eating dirt, shut the fuck up about my 28 year old fur coat.
  3. On that note: it's proven fact that taking to your plants helps them flourish and grow; therefore you vegans with an attitude, you TOO are eating something with feelings so get off my back and let me my burger in peace while wearing my fur coat & leather boots.
  4. Also it doesn't matter if you're riding a bicycle or driving an environmentally sound vehicle, the fumes from the factory making any of the parts for it, is polluting the environment & killing the animals you're preaching to me about protecting. Or the parts were made in a factory in Thailand by children who eat dogs for dinner & live in a very carnivorous country. It's IMPOSSIBLE that you are not doing SOMETHING that is hurting or endangering animals somewhere in the world. Therefore SHUT THE FUCK UP about how I'm somehow not a friend to the animals because I have a fur coat cuz I'll shove a rabbit muff down your self righteous throat if you ask nee one more time "do you know how many animals died  hero you warm"?
  5. When asked that question, reply that I do indeed and that it's 28 furs, male raccoons.. YES dickwad, I EDUCATED myself on it when it was GIFTED to me by an amazing couple who were Holocaust survivors whom I modeled for (they also kept me employed regularly in the early 80's as a model) who thought enough of me to make this coat especially for ME before they closed the showroom! 
  6. "Do you enjoy wearing a coat made out dead animals lady?"  Yes, much more than wearing LIVE ones
  7. "I hope you're warm in a coat of dead animal skins lady"  Yes I am thank you very much but they're pelts not just skins and I'm very toasty, toasty indeed!
  8. "Those animals would still be alive if it weren't for you lady" really? Cuz I've never heard of a raccoon living 28 years. PLUS I must look like a real outdoorsy type to have that responsibility of tracking them down, killing them, skinning them, tanning them, sewing them together, raising silk worms and making the lining then putting it all together to make this coat. I must reek of talent. 
  9. I would NEVER approach someone or yell to them across the street espousing how the down coat they're wearing was manufactured and it's effect on the environment and so forth why do people feel it's ok to do the same to fur wearers. Do they walk about everywhere they go shouting some ridiculous comments to everyone wearing leather shoes? I think not. Therefore SHUT the fuck up or do the same to you on all your wearing. It's called harassment why is it ok to attack people who love wearing fur. It's a free country it's my right to wear it. (I DID corner a PETA dude in the 80's about this exact thing.)
  10. My feeling on these topics: live & let live OR if dead or killed - wear em or eat em. Smoking: I have JUST as many rights TO smoke as YOU do to piss, bitch & moan about it so shut the fuck up!



  1. Lol! I smoke too, and I catch hell for it. Living in the south I don't need a fur, but animals have been providing warmth, food AND companionship since the beginning of time.

    1. You are SO right Steph! But try to tell THAT to the PETA morons!! Seriously...why can't I GIVE YOU SHIT then for every single thing you're wearing or eating (ie the plant thing) - why? Cuz your nasty asses will sue me. Why can't I sue THEM for harassment. Just sayin.

  2. Love it! Now I'm 'gonna go eat a steak and smoke a good cigar! I just discovered you. Keep up the good work!