Saturday, January 24, 2015

10 Random Thoughts: Scary But True Shit

10 Random Thoughts
There will be lots of days where I do exactly this & merely type out random
thoughts that pass through the holes in my mind that have been in
the news, on TV, or that I've observed SOMEWHERE! 
If I've taken the time to type them out for your daily enjoyment, PLEASE comment
below & let me know how you're enjoying it. I'd also love to hear some
suggestions or ideas on topics (hot or not) that you'd like me to take on.
Remember: I only address with a sick ass sense of humor, sarcasm
(humor's ugly step sister) & with a (generally) light hearted point of view.
I'm not out to be political in any way or to intentionally hurt someone.
HOWEVER: while opinions are like assholes; everybody has one,
this blog is MY opinion and ONLY my opinion (for what it's worth)
and of course, for SHITS AND GIGGLES!

Alrighty then, on to our regularly scheduled program.

  1. The Ku Klux Klan: if you dumbass, nasty pig, douchebag racists were SO PROUD of what you stand for, what you do and how you think, then WHY THE FUCKING HOODS?? So nobody can recognize your pussy asses & hang YOU from a fucking tree?
  2. Momma June of Honey Boo Boo has a boyfriend and Charles Manson has a wife - why in all natural fuck can't I even get a DATE? Food for thought huh?
  3.  Spelling & grammar: You "millenials" who know nothing of a dictionary, thesaurus or Encyclopedia Britannica. You, who's phone, iPad & computer will put a squiggly red line under misspelled words or even correct your shitty spelling AND that you have spell correct on these devices? Basically what I'm saying is: if you are misspelling shit all the time you are basically a fucking MORON!
  4. They, their, they're: if you don't know the difference between these by the age of 15 you are going to be a MISERABLE FAILURE IN LIFE trust me!
  5. Kotex & Maxi-pad advertisements: are these TRULY NECESSARY? I mean all HELLS BELLS - women have gotten their periods since the dawn of time, get it monthly like clockwork (usually) and know EXACTLY what we need to use for it. WHY then, are these advertisements necessary to TELL us what is out there for something that is part of our daily lives?
  6. ON #5: The ads for "feminine hygiene" about your cootch smelling like you realize in 100 years when the future generations look back at this period of time, they are going to look at women as stinky, nasty smelling, bleeding, nasty beings? Can we PLEASE cease & desist with that particular form of nasty during my dinner?!?!
  7. On # 5 & #6 continued: in the 70's they used to show jock itch commercials during dinner - there was some kind of letter writing campaign that took them off TV. Can we NOT do THAT for douche commercials... PLEASE?
  8.  "Sex Box" TV show: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME WITH THAT SHIT? How desperate are these people to get on TV that they'll have sex in a box with some armchair psychologists helping them with their sex problems? Can you REALLY have sex problems if you have NO problem having sex in a box, in front of an audience?
  9. Speaking of the audience for "Sex Box" what the HELL kind of sick ass life do you have that you WANT to be in that audience when you can just watch porn at home for free?
  10. Those stickers on the back of your car indicating your family & children, then a logo/sticker from the school they go to or one saying "My child is an honor student at...." etc. (btw who's child ISN'T these days) are a GPS, a map and an invitation to a pedophile. Are you fucking kidding me? THEN you'll be all over the news crying and not understanding why little Susie Q is missing. It's because you ADVERTISED the sex of your children, where they go to school, and posted on FB that you're at the park with the children. DUMBASS DEGREE: EARNED

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  1. Lol! Hey, maybe you're not willing to settle for just any crazy which is why you don't have the dates? And I'm with you on the kid stuff. I don't think many people realize how devious the weirdos can be

    1. I may be single cuz I won't date pedophiles & murderers LOL
      Those same parents with those stupid stickers will be the first ones to blame the PERVERT not themselves first for advertising straight TO the pervs... just sayin' xo